"A Blueprint for Survival - There Are No Screams in Space"

Black Mother of God

In a world without heroes.
We seek role-models
We seek leadership
We seek respect

Black Mother of God

Of course,
It is about The Queen - "B",
A Survivor.
The Hottest Chick in the Game.
She Owns That.
And, of course,
It is about J-...
The Blueprint - Momma Loves Me.
It is Womanhood,
In its strength and glory.
Black Womanhood,
Like the Nightsky, like Eternity...
It is about that Suffering,
And, that Overcoming.
It is about ideals,
And idols,
And being the change.

It is about the past,
In the present,
To the future.
It is space, silence,
And Screams unheard.
Invisible, Suffering,
To be So Black and Blue
Printing Communal all on uplift,
Isn't that the only real kind?

Black Mother of God?

What is Celebrity?
What is Art?
What is Celebratory?
What is Partnership?

Thanks to the Burchfield Penney.

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