Frederick Wright Jones was born in Kimberton, Pennsylvania, USA. He has spent much of his adult life traveling between the Philadelphia area and Hamburg, Germany. Pushed by a responsibility to initiate conversation and critique about nation, history and culture, Jones's hybrid practice works as both a mode of research and a method to communicate. He builds tools, toys and totems fusing craft with performance, sound-clash and video.

Jones's multimedia works materialize the effort to define and redefine his placement as an American and global citizen. He has found a home in the identity of the outsider The experience of growing up with mixed heritage in rural Pennsylvania and then living as a foreigner in a Europe, where there are varied levels of reconciliation with past atrocities, motivate his work. His multimedia practice seeks to find the liminal space formed from racism and national boundaries, and to locate how citizens are defined and separated from those who remain alien. Aesthetically, he is inspired by folk art, merchandise packaging, underground comics and propaganda. The work is a narrative that weaves mythology, history, contemporary politics and pop culture, displaying an ethical stance that hovers between dutiful responsibility and post-punk cynicism (see works: "Fairytales Ain't Always for Kids" series). His objects and installations work at the crossroads of function, play and ritual. Performance is engaged to transform the viewer's role from that of spectator (see work: "Strangefruit") to collaborator (see works: "NRAACP" series).

Frederick Wright Jones is currently an assistant professor of sculpture at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, PA. He received his MFA from SUNY Buffalo.

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